What to Expect

Plan on arriving to the clinic 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment.  There will be a few forms to fill out, some of which will provide us valuable information regarding your care in which to guide progress.

Please dress in clothes that will allow you to be able to move around in, since you will likely be moving around during your examination.

Your entire first appointment will last about an hour, and will include history taking, the physical examination, clinical decision making, and treatment if warranted.  

Our goal is pain investigation, and during this mission our goal is to become like a detective where the pain is the victim and we are looking for the culprit.  

In order to gain more information, you will likely be asked to continue the assessment process at home to gain more data and report back want happened. This will enable us to diagnose and classify you better which will lead to the best possible treatment.

If we don’t think we can help you, we will refer you to the practitioner who we think can.

Subsequent visits won’t last as long as the initial one, but will build on the previous visits and should help us either confirm or refute the initial hypothesis, with the goal of accurate classification and better treatment. 

The focus will be on active care, education, and patient empowerment.

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