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Chiropractic for Neck and Back Pain

At Silverdale Sport and Spine, we use the McKenzie Method, which does not involve expensive tests, x-rays, or medications. Instead, this method puts you in control of your treatment, with decades of research, evidence, and clinical practice supporting the results.

The McKenzie Method, also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, is a method of pain management, self-care, and prevention that involves active patient involvement and education for back, neck, and extremity problems.

With the McKenzie approach, you can quickly experience pain relief and live your everyday life again without ongoing chiropractic care.

The McKenzie Method Process and its Benefits

There are many benefits to using the McKenzie Method to reduce, manage, or eliminate musculoskeletal pain. Silverdale Sport and Spine use a multi-step process: ASSESSMENT, DIAGNOSIS, AND TREATMENT.


Chiropractic McKenzie Method Step 1 Assessment Process

to determine and understand the problem (this can take up to 5 visits, but often within occurs in 3 or less)

Chiropractic McKenzie Method Step 2 leads to a specific Diagnosis

This leads to a specific Diagnosis

Chiropractic McKenzie Method Step 3 Which leads to a- specific Treatment

Which leads to a specific Treatment

Chiropractic McKenzie Method Step 4 That ultimately leads to a predictable Outcome

That ultimately leads to a predictable Outcome

The assessment step is the key because it leads to an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis determines the type of treatment the patient receives, ultimately leading to a favorable outcome.

The purpose of Dr. Jordan Duncan using his multi-step process is to target the underlying cause of the pain. The goal is to have you functioning at 100% in the shortest amount of time possible.

Another benefit of the McKenzie approach is that it allows Dr. Jordan Duncan to quickly spot who can positively respond to the treatments and who needs other medical interventions. If the patient needs a different form of medical care, this system will let the patient and Dr. Jordan Duncan know early in the process.

The Mechanical Assessment Process

The philosophy behind the McKenzie approach focuses on empowering patients through exercises and proper postures to decrease the need for medical intervention or long-term chiropractic care.

The home program prescribed to patients emphasizes:
1) Patient involvement in reducing or eliminating pain
2) Maintaining that improvement
3) Preventing the recurrence of pain

The prescribed exercises are simple and do not require medical equipment, medications, or guidance from a chiropractor. Instead, it involves a patient’s active involvement and education in the treatment process.

First, Dr. Jordan Duncan will assess the patient’s condition to identify the causes of the pain. This assessment involves a thorough history to better understand the patient’s symptoms.

Next, the patient will perform specific repeated movements to determine the effect they have on pain and range of motion. Using this information, Dr. Jordan Duncan can then diagnose the nature of the patient’s condition and provide a treatment plan.

These strategies are an essential part of the McKenzie approach to pain management because they can effectively eliminate many painful conditions and lead a long-term healthy and active lifestyle.


The assessment and diagnosis process provides Dr. Jordan Duncan with the information to prescribe exercises, stretches, and postures. These will help the patient alleviate their symptoms and prevent them from returning. Plus, these exercises provide relief to help make it easier for the patient to perform daily activities without experiencing pain.

The patient is encouraged to complete the prescribed exercises and postures as part of the self-treatment process. The frequency of performing these exercises will help produce positive results in a shorter amount of time.


The McKenzie approach also focuses on prevention and educates patients on correct exercises and postures to avoid future recurrences. Rather than prescribing medications or long-term chiropractic care, this method uses a systematic approach that promotes the body’s ability to heal itself. As a result, the patient is put in control to treat their symptoms safely and effectively.

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