Movement Screens and Corrective Exercise

Movement screens are an important tool to identify and correct imbalances which may lead to inefficient movement or predispose to injury. In addition to treating musculoskeletal pain, a goal of ours is to help people move better.

Proper mobility, stability and motor control of the torso and extremities are prerequisites for healthy, pain free movement, and screens allow us to analyze the quality of a patient’s movement pattern. We use several different movement screens in order to identify and correct faulty patterns, which allow us to specifically target your problem and provide recommendations in order to correct them.

Assessing breathing is also particularly important since it is probably our most fundamental movement pattern. Faulty breathing mechanics can negatively influence nearly all of our other movement patterns in addition to creating altered biochemical states in the body.

Movement screens are great for athletes, both competitive and recreational, who are looking to optimize performance and decrease the risk of injury. Non-athletes, however, can also benefit since movement is universal. If faults are identified through testing, corrective strategies in the form of stretches and exercises can be prescribed in order to improve the movement pattern and then lock it into memory.

Whether you are in pain or just wanting to move better, schedule an appointment and lets get you back to the life you want to live!

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