Conditions We Treat

Serving Silverdale and surrounding areas, we use the combination of the McKenzie Method and Chiropractic, as well as Kinesiology Taping, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Functional Rehabilitation to treat a variety of conditions, including, but not limited to:

Back Pain

Including problems with the Intervertebral Discs, Facet Joints, Muscle Strains, Ligament Sprains, Sciatica, and the Sacro-iliac joints.

Neck Pain

Including problems with Intervertebral Discs, Facet Joints, Muscle Strains, Ligament Sprain, and Whiplash.

Upper Extremity Pain

Including Shoulder Impingement, Rotator Cuff Lesions, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Muscle Strains, and Ligament Sprains.

Lower Extremity Pain

Including Hip Pain, Runner’s Knee, Jumper’s Knee, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Achilles Tendinosis, Plantar Fasciitis, and Ankle Sprains.

Sports Injuries

Including pain when Running, Biking, Swimming, Throwing, Jumping, Skiing,

Pre-Surgical and Post-Surgical Care

For patients who are about to undergo or who underwent Spinal Surgery, Shoulder Surgery, Hip Surgery, Knee Surgery, Elbow Surgery, Foot/Ankle Surgery, and Wrist/Hand Surgery.

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